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Hello there, welcome to my blog and I hope you’ve seen something interesting already.  This blog is meant to keep track of my wanderings and some of the things I see, and hopefully share some of it with you guys!  I have a huge interest in UK wildlife and its conservation and want to share my views and experiences of some bits of the country that are still a bit wild.

For the last three years I have worked on Skomer and Skokholm Islands in Pembrokeshire where I reignited my passion for seabirds.

Before that, and this year, I am based in the Rye area of East Sussex studying anything that comes my way.  2014 sees me surveying breeding terns in Rye Bay but I don’t limit myself to seabirds whilst on the mainland.  Invertebrate ecology always grabs my attention but I always keep my eye open for a new challenge.

For a long time I have loved wildlife photography and try to have a camera on me as much as possible when out and about.  So why not look at some of the images in my old posts or take a look at my gallery pages.  I do a lot of animal subjects but also do some macro and landscape work and am looking to improve my portraiture as well!  Meanwhile in blogland I’m trying to build up a mix of cool pictures, interesting facts and important things I think people should know so if you have anything to add feel free to comment.  If I get time I’ll try to incorporate it into my main postings.



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