More Little Terns (Hopefully)

Little Tern with lunch

Little Tern with lunch

As the first sightings of Little Terns  start to come in across the country I’m starting to turn more of my attention to my local colony.  The South Swale nature reserve near Faversham is run by Kent Wildlife Trust and like many colonies across the country has declined over the years.  However a recent appeal from KWT raised significant funds and hopefully in the near future this colony will benefit from a huge increase in protection.  At present a small band of dedicated volunteers warden the site during the day, and this summer I am joining them.

Little Tern with prey

Little Tern with prey

Many of the larger colonies in the UK and Ireland have paid, full time staff to protect nesting birds from disturbance and predators over the summer months.  And this can make a massive impact on their breeding success.  Kilcoole in Ireland are just such an example and have even made a pretty cool little video about their work.   So although I won’t be quite as full on as them (I’m not staying in a caravan or going out at night with a gun…) I will be staking out some shingle and hoping that some Little Terns settle, and if we are really lucky they will get some chicks to fledging.

Just before a dive

Just before a dive


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