So this year is all about the terns for me (if you haven’t had a look yet watch my latest microfilm about them here).  but every now and then something else comes along out of the blue… and it can be really, really blue!

peacock feathers (1 of 5)

Some of my in-laws have peacocks on their farm and this week one of them parted company with a few feathers.  Now feathers are amazing structures but peacock feathers go a whole step further and I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps and putting them up here.

peacock feathers (2 of 5)

The small vanes up the long quills are pretty sparse but still shine an amazing metallic blue-green

More photos after the break.

peacock feathers (3 of 5)

The “eyes” at the top of the main feathers can impress a female if he’s lucky

peacock feathers (4 of 5)

Close up you can see each barbule which turns plain old light into a metallic blue sheen through the process of refraction


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