Well I have a plan for the summer at last- it always gets to about this time in the season before anything really comes together!

adult tern

This year I am going to be carrying out a survey of the terns in Rye Bay (in East Sussex/Kent), monitoring where they are breeding, where they are feeding and generally how they get on this year.  Its a completely new “thing” so I have to generally make it all up myself.  This feels very different from other jobs where I’ve had autonomy but had to follow a rough plan of what to do.  So right now I’m busy reading up on old papers and reports and spending lots of time looking at maps, trying to plan a whole summer of watching terns.

adult with fish

It might sound fairly simple, and it did to me at first, but I’m attempting to cover a pretty big area (almost 20 miles of coast plus some inland sections too!).  So before the terns return in big numbers I’m getting my action plan together…

And needless to say my action plan includes some time with my camera.  Whereas the last couple of years I’ve collected a million photos of puffins, this year its going to be terns, terns, terns.  I’m also continuing to play around with filming so expect a few more clips on here and probably some more timelapses.  And at the end of the season I’m hoping to have a nice report on the terns as well as a short documentary on their lives in the South East.

p.s. here is a link to my latest timelapse– the incoming tide at Rye Harbour, the prime feeding spot for the Common Terns breeding there

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  1. Nice! Look forward to the photos and videos. Sounds like your going to have a fun summer! :-)


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