Battle Abbey


It’s been a bit wet recently and we’ve been meaning to visit the abbey in Battle for months, so finally we made the trek down the road (all of 500m!) and took a look round.

So we took a trip back in time apparently, being met with this sign as soon as we entered the small and rather ADHD inspired visitor centre.  It must be great when there are a few people in there and the kids need entertaining, but with just Clare and I in there the myriad of videos and recordings playing just seemed a bit odd…


But the buildings were still impressive once you got wandering around, this shot is of the largest bit of ruin.  The only place where the monks were allowed to talk apparently, and connected to the rather impressive dormitory and latrine section.IMG_1499




And the walls were all quite pretty too.  The stonework is mostly restored to a really nice standard, but not kept overly pristine.  You get the sense that the walls aren’t about to fall down and yet they are still really, really old!  And not just the buildings either, the gardens have little walled sections, walkways and grand hedges that I didn’t really expect.  It was winter so these weren’t amazing but the gardens are being slowly restored to show how they have been cultivated over the ages.  A small orchard has been replanted complete with bee hives to pollinate them and a minor garden centre springs up in the warmer months too I hear.


Overall, Battle Abbey is quite a nice morning out.  It won’t take up a huge portion of your day and I would definitely avoid the battlefield on a soggy day- but well worth the visit.

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