New News for Seabirds

adult with fish

A Common Tern Coming in to feed its young

Over the last decade the worlds perception of “green” news has changed completely.  Global warming has been accepted as fact (by most) and the continual decline and extinction of our wildlife is starting to hit home.  This has been a slow creep of green-ness and as I completely surround myself in ecology and conservation it’s taken a while for me to notice.  I might not think much of a story on declining seabird numbers because I know about this already, but until recently this bit of news would have been ignored and definitely not posted on the front page of the BBC news site.

Puffin Lookout

A Puffin on Lookout Duty

That was until the world of seabird conservation made friends with the world of journalism.  During my time on Skomer and Skokholm they have had visits from Radio 4, Springwatch, Bill Oddie, The One Show, S4C, Autumnwatch and more!  Not bad seeing as I only stepped foot on the islands at the end of 2011!  And this coverage isn’t just in Wales-  the spillage of chemicals off the South West Coast got a lot of news coverage as did the creation of marine reserves around Scotland.

a recent shot from Skomer, Pembrokeshire

A Puffin… cute no? 

Although the cuteness of Puffins is probably responsible for a lot of this popularity, it also reflects just how much attention the papers are willing to give conservation these days, something I am very happy about.  I’m about to go and spend a month on a small island and kill rats… pretty hard to justify to someone who has never thought much about environmental work.  But now I can just give a link to the BBC news story on the project.  And when people still don’t get why I want to go kill rats I can show them another news story on a previous and successful project.

guilly swimming

A Guillemot, of the bridled form

So when I don’t have any of my photos to hand, to show why I like to sit outdoors all day looking at seabirds and islands, I can just click on a link to show anyone why I do what I do.

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