Hard to See the Wood for the Trees

After an eventful summer on some small islands it was nice to get back into some mainland nature.  And one of the things I miss most is some height, mainly as the taller vegetation cuts out the wind and you can enjoy some really atmospheric places.  One of these places is Powdermill Woods, a minimally managed, historic woodland behind the famous abbey in Battle, East Sussex.  This place has an ongoing process of felling and coppicing trees to provide some real variety and has plenty of good paths to explore the place with.  It even has a small wood crafts business going on so there’s plenty to take a peek at…

a haven for beetles and other xylophytes

And although there weren’t too many creatures around, just being somewhere completely away from the roads and buildings of town is nice.  Think visits here will help me adjust to my more suburban lifestyle these days, plus it’s a great place to go for a walk with my camera!
very tall...

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