Puffins- the last ones honest… for now…

Puffin Lookout

After a pretty lengthy post about Puffins flying I thought it was only fair to show some pictures of ones not flying- when they don’t look quite so inept…  So to kick off here is one late last season looking out to sea, maybe wondering if it was time to leave yet.

Puffin Hiding

For a bird that is boldly marked with black and white and red and blue and orange, Puffins can be quite understated.  In the evenings they can regularly be seen sitting quietly on cliff tops and grassy slopes, sometimes sleeping and sometimes just having a stand about with their neighbours- Puffins are very sociable birds and love to wander round to take a look at what the neighbours are up to!  Saying that they aren’t too bright at times, the one above ducked down as I passed by and seemed pretty happy that no-one could see them. Camouflage at its best!

Puffin Swimming

And obviously Puffins are seabirds.  These tough little birds are only 30cm stretched tip to tail but will spend most of the year out at sea in pretty rough weather, and not in the tropics but in the North Atlantic!  So their dense plumage is amazingly watertight as shown by the tiny water droplet you can see balancing on this guy’s head :)  Puffin not only survive big storms but manage it for year after year with birds breeding until they are into their 30’s.  So next time you see a Puffin (and I hope its soon) just take a moment to think how far that bird has swum and flown and what its seen in its decades of roaming the Atlantic and coastal breeding sites.

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