Wolf Spiders

wolf spiderSkomer doesn’t do very well compared to the mainland when it comes to invertebrates but it does have a fair few spiders- here is one of the more common ones, a Pardosa species of wolf spider.  These guys run along the ground stalking their prey, hence their name, and pounce upon them with large mouthpieces to quickly dispatch them.

A lot of people don’t really like spiders, but I think they can be truly beautiful.  Once you get past the bristly legs, slightly odd walking movements and beady eyes they have some redeeming features.  They have some amazingly colourations on the body.  They can have oddly characterful faces with their big eyes (especially the jumping spiders or Salticids).  And they are amazing parents, the wolf spider will carry a parcel of eggs round with it for safekeeping and when they hatch will carry the miniature spiders on their abdomen until they are self sufficient.

Anyway, spiders are cool.

Til next time…

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  1. Hi Lewis
    like your like of spiders hope all is well with you and Will Hope to get over sometime soon
    any wishes love Renate


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