Pallid Harrier on Skomer

Pallid Harrier

Found an amazing bird today, a Pallid Harrier!  This is not only a new bird for me but a bird that has never been recorded on Skomer National Nature Reserve, so I was fairly happy this afternoon.  These are the best couple of pictures that I got (didn’t have my telephoto lens when I saw it close up) but when we caught up with it again later another Islander (Dave B) got some much better images.   These birds are pretty scarce in these parts, originally coming from Eastern Europe but starting to be seen slightly more frequently in recent years.  Unfortunately they look pretty similar to Hen Harrier and Montagu’s Harrier at first glance (I thought it was Hen…) but with a half decent photo and a bird book they can be told apart.Pallid Harrier2And after all that excitement we attempted a count of all the Puffins around the island, a good excuse to get right out on the coast and explore bits that you don’t normally get access to.  Wasn’t the biggest count (only around 500 on my section) but it was a lovely calm evening in the sun and a great way to finish a good birding day :)

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  1. Wow, I don’t think I’d recognise one if I saw one, well done. Are the seabird numbers down on other years at this stage? I get the impression they are. It is going to be a slow breeding season everywhere I guess, especially given the colder spell expected, come late April.

    • seabirds are always a bit unpredictable at this time of year- they’ll settle down soon enough and probably be pretty similar to last year. And hopefully the PIB oiling incidents from the South West don’t end up being a big thing…

  1. Another Season | YatesPhotographic

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