goldcrestThey might not show it but Goldcrests love Skomer!  These birds weigh less than 10g (they vary but 6g is about there!) but still migrate hundreds of miles every year and on their way many stop off on Skomer to grab a bite to eat and have a quick rest.  Their distinctive golden crest gives them their name, although technically its a stripe and not a crest, and their strong facial markings give them an amazing expression.  These angry looking birds bounce around on cliffs, in trees and on bushes to pick off any little invertebrate to feed on.  Their scarcer cousins the Firecrest also drop by every now and then, and have visited Skomer this spring, but I didn’t have my camera on me :(  So until I catch up with another I will just enjoy the bouncy little Goldcrest hopping through the  few scrubby bits of the island.

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