Arty Puffin

Still a bit windy out here on Skomer but the sun is out so I’m about to head out for a wander.  But before i do here is another Puffin shot I got whilst they were nice and settled the other evening:

arty puffin

Puffins can be a bit of a nuisance sometimes.  They sit on the grassy slope right in front of you within arms reach but often sit for twenty minutes whilst not doing much.  Not a problem if you want to watch them close up and admire their plumage but if you’re a photographer then you do end up with a lot of shots of them looking very similar…  So this is my attempt at changing it up a bit, a nice close up and plenty of adjustments in Photoshop after.  It does show off the fine feathers around the face though, and the vibrant colours of the horny eye plates and bill.  All in all a beautiful bird, and tough blighters too sitting round in these winds and not caring at all!

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  1. nice one Lewis found you again after a change of email


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