I wrote this post a few days ago when it was a bit nicer out here, but the winds and rain have hit Skomer so I’m inside planning my season full of seabird observations.  But  hopefully the wind will die down fairly soon and ‘ll see some of these guys too:

choughThe Chough on Skomer are busy confusing the wardens yet again.  They are notoriously secretive and it takes weeks of spying on them to work out which birds are building nests (and where they are) and which birds are simply hanging out and enjoying the summer.  This bird was accompanied by a partner and they were looking for food in the short turf.  It’s an important time for pair bonding- during this time of year the female will often beg for food from the male to test his skills and providing for a family.  If she starts quivering her wings at him he has a short time to provide her with a tasty morsel or else she might just fly off and find a better hunter gatherer to breed with!

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