Skomer Bound

The taxi to SkomerSo another year and another season on the islands!  If only the last month had been as simple as that…

After a couple of months of seemingly endless job applications I was offered a post up at Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park, a pretty big area of hills and moorland with some nice woodland bits too.  I was just preparing myself for a new place, new flat, new birds (Hen Harriers!) and new people when I was called by Eddie and B, the new wardens of Skomer.  It turns out that their field assistant for the year had dropped out and they would like me to fill in.  Cue a couple of hours of mental confusion and overly complicated reasoning and I’d decided I’d quite like to come back for one more year :)

So it turns out jobs really are like buses, you wait for weeks on end then you get two in a week!  A nice dilemma to be in but one nonetheless… but it does mean I’ll be able to post up plenty more photos of Puffins over the coming months and hopefully share a bit more about the wildlife of Pembrokeshire.


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  1. Well done you.


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