amosThis is a picture of The Amos on Skomer, a pretty big rock that sticks out into the water and is just about attached to the main island.  It is one of the favourite nesting spots for the local Guillemot and can hold a pretty big percentage of the 20,000 birds that call the island home.

And I hope that there are that many birds again this year, because as you may have heard on the news recently there has been a pretty major oiling incident.  Unusually birds are washing up covered not in black gloopy crude, but a white mixture of refined mineral oils.  Unfortunately this stuff is just as bad as crude oil, ruining plumages and stopping the birds from swimming and feeding, so they are washing up either exhausted or dead, in an event sympathetically known as a wreck.

guillemotSo let’s hope that there aren’t too many more of these birds caught up in this new oiling incident and whoever’s to blame is tracked down.  Until then, enjoy this close up of a bridled Guillemot.

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