Little Egret

These are pretty flighty birds that are easy to see, bright white against the often dull background, but harder to get up close to.  And its only when up really close that you can see the fine detail of that stunning white plumage.  This one was feeding right in front of the Denny Hide at Rye Harbour so I could get some nice shots.  The fine feathers down the breast, colouring of the eye and nice yellow feet break up what from a distance can seem a rather plain bird.  Not to say that something that is plain white wouldn’t catch your eye as it flaps slowly across a reedbed!

little egret

These birds stalk the shallow waters of fresh and brackish water bodies and strike down rapidly with their long beaks to catch the small fish swimming by.  They can stay motionless for long periods of time so even though they stand out to us, they can remain unnoticed by their fishy prey.

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