Ice baby.


After my recent post on water I thought I’d give you something similar but a tad more solid to look at…  I didn’t go out and about too much in the ice recently, well I did but not with my camera much because I had some new binoculars to road test, but I did get a couple of photos that I was happy with.  One of them was the result of five minutes staring at a window that I couldn’t see through.  The scratches on a perspex window had started and guided the growth of some ice crystals giving an amazing network of ice.

When its really cold out and I don’t feel like hunting after the few animals forced out looking for food, my macro lens keeps me entertained.  The tiny world of snow crystals and ice are far more interesting than the same locations in the warm- and the new crystals cover up all the dirt and grime that is usually picked up in macro shots, giving you a beautifully clean location to shoot (this window is normally disgusting…).

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