Barn Owl

barn owl 2

Last post I admitted to not really picking up my camera as much as I would like, but recently a pasty looking chap flew past my house so I grabbed my Canon and went out to take a shot (sometimes I think gun enthusiasts run the marketing of cameras….)

I don’t see Barn Owls too often but I know they live somewhere relatively close by.  The field in front of my house was a working farm until a few years ago when it started being managed by Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.  Now the land is roughly grazed by a few goats and Herdwick sheep as well as having had some big holes dug in to create some surface water.  This lovely heterogeneous habitat is full of food for all sorts of creatures, and the micey/voley things attracts a good number of owls (not just Barny ones either!).

barn owl

So now on a calm evening I can often see owls floating over the reeds and rough grassland, looking for their next meal.  They are pretty accommodating too- the first loud click makes them keep their distance for a while but they will put up with an observer as long as you don’t get too close, focussing on their next morsel rather than the geek with a camera…

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  1. Great pictures, so graceful…


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