New Year/New Things

Well happy new year everybody, long time no talk.  I’ve been pretty busy over the last month with Christmas, job hunting, a stinking cold and on top of that I just hadn’t really felt like picking up my camera.  But I did eventually take a few snaps so here they are:

I’ve spent a good few years looking over at our local windfarm and have even driven past it a fair few times, but had never put much effort into getting up close.  Changed that just before Christmas with a trip over for what we were hoping would be a spectacular sunset, it wasn’t amazing but I still managed to get a few nice shots.

wind turbine

These shots are also the first that I’ve played with in Adobe Lightroom, a stripped back image processing programme that nonetheless is pretty powerful.   In that first image the foreground was seemingly solid black but I was able to recover it.  I also added a slight vignette and a graduated filter effect on the sky to give some atmosphere.  So it’s not very subtle but I do quite like the overall effect.

wind turbine 3

This next shot proves just how useful a stabilised lens can be, as it was taken at sundown with no tripod and at a shutter speed of around a second to allow the blades to blur slightly.  Not an amazing picture but just something a little different.  And finally, a duet of turbines in the same style as the solo shot above.  I don’t hold these pictures up as some of my best work but the simple act of going to a new place and trying out something different make them pretty interesting to me.  So my plan for the new year (I won’t call it a resolution) is to keep trying new things.  I’ve got my eye on using the video functions of my DSLR so keep a lookout for some videos in the not too distant future.

wind turbine

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