Robins are deceptive birds.  We all know they are around all year and become more obvious at winter due to the lack of other distracting birds.  But not as many people know that our resident birds are often joined by a host of continental visitors.  On the Islands it can be a lot more obvious as a few Robin suddenly turn into a horde of birds covering all available bushes and cliffs and singing their heads off.  These foreign birds can behave quite differently too, our homely birds may sit out on perch and sing whereas a visitor can act incredibly shy and skulky (its amazing how well a bird can hide with a huge red breast to give it away!).  And with competition fro food and territory growing with the influx a small island like Skokholm can become overcome with shouting matches, chasing flights and full on fighting between birds eager to protect their winter resources.  The bird in the picture above took exception to me sitting in a hide in his patch and would come up to the window and shout at me before retreating to his ropey perch.

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