Finding Somewhere Special

In the last few weeks before leaving the island, Teresa and I took the opportunity to walk the routes that you just can’t get to during the breeding season on Skokholm.  This photo was taken from a spot that is full of hundreds of Puffin and Manx Shearwaters during the summer months, and even out of season I had to be careful with burrows but it was worth it for this view- it sums up why I love the place.

where's your favourite place?

This is a picture of Crab Bay on Skokholm, a small bay on the south side of the island that acts as a huge sun trap and an amphitheatre that is filled with the homes of hundreds of Puffin in the warmer months.  It embodies the Skokholm spirit in so many ways:

  • The mainland just visible in the background is actually hidden by the mighty Spy Rock when you are in the bay proper
  • To reach the hide you wander down a steep slope with the aid of a giant rope to stop you sliding into the sea (H&S at its best :) )
  • The hide is completely unnecessary as you walk in between Puffin groups to reach it (good rain shelter though!)
  • The Puffin here are colour ringed so you can identify a group of 200 or so individuals and help with some research as you do
  • The whole bay looks out onto nothing but open sea and the birds and boats that travel it
  • Even when the island is “busy” you are normally there alone, except for hauled out seals on the rocks below
  • A Raven nest is normally perched precariously on the cliff and Buzzard will stop by too

So if you like this photo and the idea of calm, solitude and Puffins then I suggest a trip to Skokholm- my somewhere special.

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