After the recent posts about birds I hadn’t seen before, here is another little guy that I hadn’t seen before this autumn passage.  We get the odd Brambling passing through in Sussex but I just managed to miss them for the last 25 years…oops!

Brambling are a bird with a name that lets them down I think, I’m not sure about you but when I say the name in my head it conjures up the image of a brown sparrowy type bird.  In reality these birds are nice and bold with deep orangey colouring and a habit of sitting boldly near the top of vegetation and occasionally announcing their presence with short abrupt calls.  The young fellow in the picture was dropping by on Skokholm on it’s way down south for the winter.  It actually hung around for three days or so and regularly greeted us as we walked between the buildings.  And now I know just how attractive these Brambling are I shall keep an eye out for them back home, fingers crossed!

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  1. Just a couple of years back, we were lucky enough to be entertained by as many as sixteen of these delightful birds in our garden, so your luck may well change, especially given this news from the BTO.


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