Mushrooms are something I don’t know too much about, I learnt plenty about their general biology at uni and at home but I have never known more than a handful to identify to species level.  However, it is one of the few groups that I feel OK leaving at that level and just enjoy looking at them without thinking any harder about identifying them.  But in general I do find them pretty amazing- a group of organisms completely different to plants and animals at the cellular level, vital to our ecosystem for their role in the break down of organic matter and on top of all that some fascinatingly beautiful structures which are flourishing all over the place in this damp autumn of ours!  This large parasol type was on North Plain of Skokholm and was one of the few to survive the strong winds out their.  I intend in the next few weeks to get some more shots of Sussex fungi, hopefully some nice macro shots of their bizarre structures.

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