Skomer on Radio 4 (an homage to Mr Boyle)

Earlier this year we got a visit from Chris Sperring, a name that will be familiar to regular radio 4 listeners (I’ll have to admit I’d never heard of him but nice guy!).  He came over to record the night soundscape of Skomer in the form of Manx Shearwaters and Storm Petrels, with the help of our resident birdy man, Dave Boyle.  The result went online this morning and can be listened to for quite a while here:  (if that doesn’t work google The Night Island episode of The Living World).

Comes as good timing as today is pretty wet here with me so I’m stuck inside imagining myself back on the islands at night, if you want to listen along here are some pictures to go with the sounds!

the first night bird featured in the show, a Storm Petrel

Unfortunately what most people see of the shearwaters on a day trip

Some people are more lucky and see a confused one out during the day…

Those who stay overnight normally see a fair few Manxies around the buildings like this

And if you go adventuring at night you will come across thousands on the paths and rocky outcrops!

Hope you enjoy the programme, the island is still open for daytrips at the moment but you’ll have to await next spring if you wish to hear the sounds of the night time birds.  Well worth it though, or else just put radio 4 on loop…




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