Snow Bunting

After talking about my first Red Breasted Flycatcher last post here are some pictures of another first to me…. well a second but my first was very recently- last month on Skokholm and I didn’t have my camera on me then (not even my binoculars so this was my first proper view!).

This bunting is predictably from up north so is used to places that actually get snow on a regular basis.  Luckily for us it is also used to having no-one around so when we come across them it isn’t used to scary humans and doesn’t fly away.  Instead it hops around your feet and allows you to get stunning pictures, which is nice of it.  This bird was so relaxed that it had a good old stretch and showed off its lovely wings and black legs.


And if you don’t believe how relaxed a photo shoot this was, here is a shot of my Dad getting some use out of his camera!

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