Red Breasted Flycatcher

This is one of the nice little birds that dropped by in my last couple of weeks on Skokholm this season, a Red Breasted Flycatcher.  A smart little bird that I only saw for a few minutes but came across as a characterful little fellow!

This was a new bird for me, a life tick for the listers amongst you, and it suprised me a little.  I’d seen a fair few flycatchers before and the skulky behaviour of this bird combined with an obviously cocked tail make this species appear thrush like at times, if a tad small…

Whatever it reminds you of though, this flycatcher is definitely eye catching.  The kind face, drooped wings and bold tail combine to give it a distinct look and its habit of suddenly popping out of the undergrowth to stare at you made it seem “friendly”.  Anyways, I think this would make a great DouDou bird and I just wish it was a more common visitor to these lands.  This young bird was a bit off course as we only get migrants that have gone a bit off course, most of these birds stay firmly to the east in mainland Europe.  Fingers crossed I’ll see another before too long….!

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  1. What a tick and that is, believe it or not, coming from a non-twitcher. Ok, the exception might be, should I hear of a local twitchable species or a drop in to a faraway reserve on a day-trip. Enough of my ramble and well done on your pictures of the RBF.


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