End of Season

Well it snuck up on me and literally came sooner than it should have but Skokholm island is shut for the winter so I have been evicted from Dream Island and slung back on the mainland.  Here’s a teeny tiny summary of my year and some of my better pictures!

At the moment I am just making the most of running water (showers!) and long lie ins.  Give it another few days and I will have to start sorting out my life- finding winter work, trying to persuade someone to employ me next season…

This season has been pretty amazing.  The chance to spend a whole season in one place is something I haven’t really had for a few years so the chance to see one on a small island inhabited by hundreds of thousands of seabirds was brilliant.  I have seen plenty of new species this year, and met some interesting people alongside them.  I’ve been involved in counting seabirds, monitoring colour ringed birds, conventionally ringing Puffin, Manx Shearwater, Storm Petrel, Kittiwake, Lesser Black Backed Gull and Oystercatcher as well as driving a tractor and a 2-tonne dumper and carried a million things up and down a hundred steps.

The jobs I end up in are always a little different from your typical 9-5 and this one was no exception.  Although I sometimes started work at half past four in the morning and finished at near to midnight, other days were lovely relaxed hours on a calm sunny island surrounded by Puffin!  These extremes form my memories of the season and, although I don’t want to lift another gas bottle for a while, I will try and get back to a seabird colony soon to watch some of the fascinating residents.

Until then I am returning home for a while, back to Rye Harbour Nature Reserve for a slightly less isolated few months.  I’m sure I will be kept busy by the winter birds there and volunteering around the place, and hopefully will get some interesting bits up onto RX-wildlife.  A great local wildlife blog if you haven’t already come across it.  And wherever I wander I shall be carrying my camera- might be time to invest in that spare battery…

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  1. Sounds like an amazing year and you have also achieved some wonderful captures over that time. I wish you luck from here on in and please do keep blogging.

  2. Glad you’ve liked some of my photos Tony! Just got to find something to tide me through winter now…


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