Surprise Visitors

When you’re on an island a few miles off the coast of Wales, and haven’t seen anyone apart from the sole volunteer staying with you for two weeks, you tend to think you’re alone…

But yesterday we had the nice surprise of 6 friendly folk from neighbouring Skomer and the mainland dropping by, rather unannounced.  Apart from getting a load of bits needed to close down the island for winter, it was nice to have a few familiar faces around the place.  It was all a little disorientating though, after our pretty routine 14 days on our own it made the differing day seemed 30 hours long, even though it was only a quick visit for lunch due to the tides!

Anyway, it’s just another 10(ish) days before Teresa and I have to leave the island.  It is starting to get a bit chilly out here, and food stocks are starting to run low at last but I will still be sad to step off the jetty for the last time in the foreseeable future.  A long motorway drive later and I will be back into my mainland life (minus the income) and I’m sure it will seem normal all too soon!

Until then we have a few more gusty days ahead, and a fair bit of rain.  But even so we’re getting out and about the island exploring all the bits that belonged to the seabirds in the breeding season and just enjoying the island.  The odd bit of tidying, packing and building work fills up the rest of our time and that boat will sneak up on us I’m sure.

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