Well I’m in the mainland once again, a bit of a surprise visit this time.  It’s because I’ve managed to get an interview to be the permanent warden on skokholm instead of just a temporary appointment.  And as usual the winds are mucking up any boats so instead of coming off for a day I’ve had to miss the whole last week of work parties on the island.  So when I go back it will be pretty quiet with just me and Teresa, the long term volunteer who is going to be my babysitter for the rest of October.  A perfect situation to sit and wait to see if I’m allowed back next year or if someone else is deemed more suitable…  Shall just have to wait and see what happens, will have to warn Teresa there might be a few quiet days to come, think I’ll have to go and sit on a cliff somewhere and mull it all over.  Either way I should know in a week or so, fingers crossed til then I s’pose…

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