Skokholm Once More!

Well it is now less than a week until I get back to my original island, Skokholm in West Pembrokeshire.  It has seemed a long way off for the whole season over on Skomer, being able to see it just over the water but not quite being able to get over there.  But now it has snuck up on me and I have a busy week of finishing off my actual job here, packing up all my things, stocking up on supplies, and eating all the weird left over bits of foods in my cupboards…

Just in case you don’t know me directly, I am heading over to Skokholm to become the temporary warden for two months!  The previous warden, Jerry, has left to take on 18 months on South Georgia so the island needs a babysitter for the end of the season.  the job is being advertised to fill it permanently but who knows who will be moving in next year.  Until then I am making the most of getting the island to myself!

I’m just hoping that the weather is as nice as it was this time last year!  If not then it might be a bit damp for the next couple of months but I’ll probably be complaining on here so you’ll be the first to know…

…or else it will be sunsets like this every evening, bird ringing every morning and evening and copious amounts of tea/wine…

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