A pictureless entry today as I just wanted to write a little bit about my camera, and more specifically its lenses.  Up til now I have owned exactly one lens and for a quite a while I didn’t own any!  This is because I’m a bit of a budget photographer.

Whilst at Uni I had a brick of camera, a cheap and early model digital camera that got me used to handling images on a PC and making the most of limited equipment.

Once I had graduated I took a leaf out of my dad’s book and upgraded to a bridge camera, essentially a compact with a big zoomy lens.  This really let me develop my skills as it could be used for macro, landscape and zoom shots.  But I slowly found the limits of this camera, the slow reactions and fiddly manual controls meant I was getting a bit frustrated by it.

So this winter gone I dived in the deep end and bought a dSLR, but as I am always on a budget I went for the “cheap” option of a low-mid range model without any lenses.  So I was the proud owner of an expensive black box which couldn’t take a single picture!  Luckily I knew a few fellow Canon owners and could borrow some kit.  A family friend very kindly leant me a wide angle zoom for a long term loan which is still doing me very well for landscapes and peopley shots.  Another let me play with a 300mm zoom, and my present place of work also has one that I can use.  The only thing I was missing was a macro so I scoured ebay and found a 90mm Tamron for a good price.  Now I have come to the end of having a 300mm to borrow so have done the same and got one for under £100.

All in all the kit isn’t cheap!  But so far I’ve managed to get by on a relatively low budget.  And even if I was spending more I’m glad I borrowed first to know I could get on with lenses before I splashed the cash.  I’m trying to get the most out of photography without falling into the trap of spending my life away on ever-longer lenses and fancier cameras.  And hopefully I’ll stick to this ethos- as it’s done me pretty good so far!

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