Ladies and Gentlemen, Buoys and Gulls

There are a few things around the island that always catch out the newcomer, and cause endless annoyance to me, and two of these are gull chicks and buoys in the water.

You might think a bit of bright plastic bobbing in the same place all day is easy to ignore but after a while I forget and it catches my eye- it must be a seal, or a porpoise or even a bird?!  And this is when I even know where most of the static buoys are, at the start of the year it was pretty infuriating!  There are even a couple with two floats and some algae covered rope that do a pretty good impression of a seal on closer inspection.

Gull chicks are just as bad.  Sitting on the water at a distance they can look like a seal bottling.  Flying around a bit closer they can look like all sorts of birds of prey, Fulmars or just generally something a bit more exciting than a juvenile gull!  And just like the buoys, I can be walking through large gatherings of these birds and for no particular reason one will suddenly start looking interesting out the corner of my eye.  A constant reminder that I need to pay attention, but hopefully migration will kick in soon and the real interesting birds will start to return… or at least the gulls will move on…

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