Re-Terning to Terns…

Back to the Common Tern, these smart birds deserve more than just a cursory mention- especially as they now nest so close to one of the birding hides at Rye Harbour that a good shot is guaranteed this time of year!

staring very hard at something... probably a stone.


I just liked this shot because it looks like the bird is extremely suspicious of a stone.  It’s surrounded by them the whole summer but that one must be dodgy, or maybe its that little bit of Stonecrop growing next to it…

Anyway, these birds always look good.  Their matching red beak and legs combined with the bold black cap and pointed wings and tail give the impression of a very smart bird, their dainty features suggest a fragility that simply doesn’t exist.  These birds travel huge distances over open sea, fish in the frigid saltiness of the open ocean and will mob birds much larger than themselves to protect their young.  Hopefully I’ll ctach a few passing by Pembrokeshire before I make it home for winter this year.

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