Another shot from my recent trip home to Rye Harbour, and one of a bird I see plenty of on Skomer but can never get as close to as at home- the Cormorant.  These scaly looking birds always look a bit more reptilian than most and can look a bit ugly at times but do have their more attractive moments… hopefully this is one of them!  I was playing with another borrowed lens, a 400mm one this time and even without a tripod it let me get some nice shots.

From a distance these birds often look plain black but do in fact have significant highlights, that give them their scaly look.  They also have the yellow around their beaks which can look a bit like a young birds gape.  And when it comes to the breeding season they can sport bright white patches down their flanks which make them look much more impressive.  Although not quite as adept at diving as the auks of Skomer, these birds can swim strongly underwater and can catch much larger fish.


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  1. Renate

     /  July 26, 2012

    Hi Lewis nice picture and good text. I have with wonder watched these birds dive in the clear waters of Pembrokeshire and seen them ‘swim’ underwater really breathtaking and so counter intuitive a bird a fish.
    keep up this good work you are building quite a body of work here


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