Falling with style

Ok, its a weak Toy Story link but I wanted to do another post on flight with a different title.  Mainly because I’d been spending a few short sessions looking at some Puffins coming in to land.  I am not a patient photographer so after ten minutes I get bored of attempting the same shot and move on.  Which is why I am so pleased to have captured this shot of a Puffin coming in with something in its beak, its not the classic front on with a beakful of sandeels but I think I like it more because of that (and that I fluked it within a dozen or so exposures!).

oh wait... that's a stick...

But I also had a couple other shots I was happy with…

round and round in circles

And as previously admitted, Fulmars are addictive birds to photograph so here is this week’s effort.  As well as a nice Razorbill that did a bit of a flyby at the time.

if only this shot was razor sharp...

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