You’re still doing it wrong

I posted a little while ago about some birds on Skomer that don’t quite get it right.  My example was a Guillemot that was in the wrong plumage, a pale wintry one instead of the bold black of the breeding season.  The other day I came across this Puffin at the Wick, seemingly nibbling on a Manx Shearwater carcass:

Puffin wins...

Now Puffins obviously do not eat Manxies, this was a carcass left over by a gull predator.  The Puffin seemed to be interested in collecting nesting material and obviously thought a couple of small bones and some feathers would be a good addition to its burrow.  So really this bird wasn’t doing anything too strange (except that its very late in the season to add to your nest, some chicks have already fledged!) but this did look a little odd at first sight!

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