I don’t want to be seen as picking on Oystercatchers (I admit I find them very annoying and moan about them on a regular basis but this is just observations… honest!) but sometimes they do seem to go about things the wrong way.  On an island covered in bracken where they can easily sit and hide in many places they have a habit of standing out in the open showing off their vivid beak and legs and high contrast plumage before running around, taking flight and letting loose a piercingly high pitched call.  This is all in aid of distracting you from, and warning, their chicks.

It does seem to work as I often look for these chicks and often fail to spot them, but it does seem strange at first glance that a bird would bring such attention to itself when it could just as easily hide in a patch of vegetation.  But that’s evolution for you- chance developments and blind luck ensuring the survival of animals with seemingly idiotic survival strategies…  well done to them but I do prefer a little brown job at times.

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