Skokholm once more.

Made it out onto Skokholm again today!  It’s been a year since I started my volunteering stint out there, 9 months since I left, and over 3 months spent on Skomer within a stones throw from it- and I finally got my chance.

So I finally saw the finished cottage, a building that contains my blood sweat and definitely no tears!  I was happy to see my sections had survived and that all the rooms were looking amazing.  Can’t wait to spend some more time out there as this building really gives some extra character to the island.  The history of its old inhabitants and the birds living in such close proximity around it sum up the island ethos and with its new wood burner and electric lights it is the height of luxury out there.

As always the birds were amazing, I forget how the smaller size, and especially lesser height, of the island make it such a more intimate place. There are tons more cliff nesting birds on Skomer but you just don’t get as close to them- the hundreds of guests scare of the closest ones and the sheer cliffs make the next closest inaccessible.

And the ever present Isle of Inishmore, or “the big ferry”, sailed past as usual.  Its path taking it very close to the island and bringing back memories of long sea watches off the coast of Skokholm.  Sadly I saw no porpoise or dolphins surfing its bow wave today, but did catch a distant glimpse from the Dale Princess on the trip over (and of course the Puffins of Crab Bay performed as usual in the foreground).

Our small farewell party

But in the end we all have to leave, some sooner than others.  A day of mixed feelings, glad that I finally got back but sadness at having to leave the island in all its glory.  I recently found out I get to go back and mind Skokholm for September and October this year, so will be counting down the weeks until my return- but can’t help feeling that I’ll be counting down the days until I have to leave it again with even more concern…

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  1. pam yates

     /  June 19, 2012

    enjoyed the photos and words of wisdom. Interesting you were not on Shetland at an early age, but seem to have the bug!

  2. That’s indoctrination for you! :) I blame the parents…


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