What season is it again…?

Well it looked like summer was here briefly, but the storm is still blowing so perhaps we’ve gone back to winter…  if only we could have a second spring when it was all over.  But alas no, the flowers have had their time it seems- the Bluebells that covered half the island have now wilted and gone to seed, the Red Campion is still going fairly strong but the winds have made it look a little bedraggled compared to its true glory of a fortnight ago!

The Bluebells in the sunshine last month.

Despite Skomer being a national nature reserve for its seabird populations in the breeding season there are some pretty impressive floral displays too.  The Bluebells are stunning, and even quite interesting with the odd “Whitebell” mixed in with the population (a recessive trait for leucistic flowers that crops up more than usual due to the small population size out here).

The Red Campion is a slightly later flowering species than the Bluebells so over the last few weeks we have had an amazing display of the blues fading into pink.  Even better than usual this year because the bracken has been kept so low by the fierce winds this spring, stopping it from overgrowing and blocking the colourful display.

And now the mass flowerings of Bluebells and Red Campion are over, its time for the impressive single flowers to show off.  We don’t get too many of these out on a wind blasted island but the Foxglove is present and we do have a couple of nice flowers.  So to leave I give you my last shot, a Foxglove that is sheltering a Pied Wagtail nest on Skomer- quite a scenic spot to raise a brood I think.

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  1. Renate

     /  June 16, 2012

    Hi Lewis this is a nice diary of pics and comments I like it
    How are you doing on Skomer really pleased about you coming to Skokholm

  2. Things going well out on Skomer, especially now that last bit of bad weather has blown over! Enjoying getting involved with surveys and stuff but still excited bout getting back over to the little island :) Are you going to be out there Sep/Oct?


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