Little Owl

Skomer is home to a couple of pairs of Little Owl this season so I thought I’d take some time to point out how cuddly little birds can actually be quite “evil”.  Now obviously animals aren’t really good or evil but looking at the picture below it is quite hard to think of a more sinister looking bird.  The expressive face with its beady yellow eyes and prominent brows don’t help with the Little Owl’s image…

Out on Skomer the picture doesn’t get much better.  The island is home to a good population of Storm Petrels, small sea birds that come to land for the breeding season, but the population is under considerable predation pressure from these owls.  And as an introduced species, many people think that isn’t right.  But control of predator species is always a sticky point in conservation so for now the Stormies will have to take their chances.

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