The Lens I Never Knew I Wanted

So I made a mistake the other day- I played with a lens that is very, very expensive.  I thought it would be a good chance to see if the top quality lenses available on the market are actually worth it, and I won’t get the chance too often so I went for it.  The problem is I came back with shots that are significantly better than my usual.  It might not show up as a huge difference here as the shots I post are cropped, tweaked for contrast etc. and resized for quick loading.  But trust me, I had to throw away a lot less of these images and play with them a lot less!

A bridled Guillemot, the white line behind the eye is found in around 5% of the birds here but the further north you travel the more you will see, with up to around 40% in north Scotland.  This one is in slightly odd plumage, the flecks in the white are normally only present in winter.

The Red Campion is starting to come into full force and outgrow the Bluebells on Skomer.  The Bracken is still catching up so it is a very colourful island at the moment!

A fly.  I was testing close focus on this long lens and inadvertently caught a take off attempt.

A Fulmar- told you I was addicted to taking shots of these birds!  The image stabilising really helped keep a sharp shot of this bird and the 300mm reach meant it almost filled the frame.

Meadow Pipits are everywhere on Skomer, except the cliff domain of the Rock Pipits, and with eggs hatching the adults are starting to collect food in the form of insects and their larvae.

Another Puffin, I just liked the way this lens keeps an apparently short depth of field even at 300mm.  This is due to the amazingly low F2.0 aperture which accounts for most of the price tag…

Well that’s a little selection from my day off this week.  I might try and borrow that lens again!

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