Pocket Rocket

The next of the hirundines today, a speedy little House Martin shooting for the stars.

Problems out on Skomer this week, no hot water then no power then no water and now some water and a very little electricity!  So I’ve been struggling to get the internet recently, luckily I’d scheduled a few posts ahead of time to bridge the gap.

Anyway, House Martins are a lot brighter than the Swallow and House Martin that also frequent the island in nice weather.  Their white is bright white and goes right round onto the rump unlike the duller Sand Martin.  But like the other two, this bird flies around in search of insects- sometimes low over the rocky outcrops, sometimes high up in the air.  Made all the more interesting by the transitory visits in low numbers, the House Martin has a nice chattery call as it flies over on its travels and signal a summery day ahead!

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