I feel like I’ve written about Fulmars quite a lot before, but in fact I’ve been quite restrained online.  Offline is a different story, I am slightly addicted to the birds and end up with at least one image of these birds every time I’m out on the island with my camera on me.  So here are just a couple of them to go with my header image!

going left…

Fulmar are brilliant gliders, using small flicks of their wings to catch updrafts and breezes and soar effortlessly across the waves and past cliff faces.  They seem to enjoy this so much that they will do laps of the cliffs, following the air currents for mintues at a time for no apparent reason- even coming over for a closer look when some fool turns up with his camera.  Combine this with the fact that they are on the sea cliffs for almost ten months of the year, calling away (and being quite sociable for a bird that repels any intruder by projecting oily juices from their stomachs!) and they seem to be the top characters of the Skomer wildlife.

…and going right.

Luckily for them, Fulmars are going through a prolonged period of expansion.  This could be due to them exploiting increased resources from fishing boats or some other influence, but it means the Northern Fulmar (to give its full name) has expanded south across the UK and become a common sight where 40 or so years ago it was a scarce migrant.

Hope there are some near you to go see, if not there’s always a trip out to Skomer…

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