Something old and something new…ish

prehistoric guidance system

Age before beauty, so the old rock of Skomer comes first.  The Harold Stone is a prehistoric standing stone taking pride of place above North Haven, thought to be an ancient guiding landmark to aid landing in the main bay of the island.  The edges are unmarked my tools but are smoothed, reflecting the old age and possible rubbing by livestock on the island.

The Trig Point, the standard datum for triangulation used by the mapping folk of the Ordnance Survey, is a modern equivalent of the Harold Stone.  It even looks vaguely similar in shape but is placed in a much more scientific location- the highest point of the island, a rocky outcrop behind the farm buildings at 79m above sea level.

I quite like the contrast of these two solid objects, found in two completely different areas of the island and made in two completely different eras but strangely linked through function.

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