Spotted Flycatcher- not catching flies and not really showing its spots… slightly disappointing…

It catches flies with spots on...

Introducing the Spotted Flycatcher, another new bird for me on Skomer this year (bringing my island list up to 79 species for this year!).

These birds are pretty self-explanatory, they catch flies and they have spots on!  Yesterday we got some Pied Flycatchers too, which also catch flies but are more black and white, and seem to be much more camera-shy…  but generally this group of birds are very photogenic.  All the flycatchers have nice round heads with large “friendly looking” eyes and stout beaks which don’t get lost in the background.  Their habits also help as these birds tend to find a perch they like and stick to it for quite a while, constantly flitting off to catch a fly and returning to their perch to eat it and spot the next target (and very kindly staying quite still whilst they do so!).

Incidentally there are an awful lot of bonus points for anyone who can work out what the sign should say in the foreground- I’ll give you a hint, it’s not entirely English and not entirely shown…

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