A new bird for me this week, a smart little Whinchat- this one is a male and dropped by the farm on Skomer this evening.

These guys have a bit of a commute to say the least, wintering down in sunny Africa but heading up North to breed in Europe and some of Asia.  This long migration really takes it out of a small bird such as this (they’re about the same size as a Robin) and this individual was obviously knackered! I don’t have that long a lens and this picture is only slightly cropped, he let me get really quite close.  The light wasn’t great but for a first view of a bird I got to see its plumage really well- and it’s quite a plumage :)

A Whinchat is pretty distinctive so I recognized this bird straight away even without having seen one before (although I did check the bird guide just to make sure…).   They can be confused with the more common Stonechat but the bright eye stripe, or supercilium, marks it out in all plumages.  The females are slightly less striking but the breast colouring and eye stripe are pretty good signs.

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  1. What a cute bird :) Good shots :)

  2. Cheers, I do my best :) Skomer makes it pretty easy though, as birds like this keep landing just outside my window :D


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