I’m trying not to repeat subjects too much but I keep coming across the Ravens when I’ve got my camera on me and they do look amazing, so here’s another shot of a big, black bird!

This is one of the adult birds on the South side of Skomer, with a fairly open nest on the well known Mew Stone.  They have up to four chicks (pretty hard to count black fluffy things in a shadowy nest from afar but I’ve seen at least three…) which are getting pretty close to fledging now.  Until then I can make do with watching the aerial antics of the two adult birds and listening to their distinctive KRONK of a call.  And soon enough the island will be full of inquisitive young Ravens making the most of manxie and rabbit carcasses that litter the fields- it’s a cheerful place here really once you get over the pretty blatant death and decay of small animals…

And on that note I’ll say goodbye, until next time!

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