Grasshopper Warbler

This little fella is normally heard and not seen, its name comes from its high pitched, stridulating song which closely resembles a grasshopper- birders are an imaginative bunch!  This photo was taken at Moorey Mere, a small pool and boggy area on the south side of Skomer Island.  A pair were flitting around the trees and being uncharacteristically quiet, and showy which was nice for me!

I only managed to get three shots off before they disappeared into the scrub, and one was blurred horribly so here is the other half of my entire Grasshopper Warbler portfolio…


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  1. It certainly is very rare to get a glimpse of that particular species. Surprisingly though, there are often very large falls on this species over on the islands, judging by past migrant records. Well done, on the pictures.

    Best Wishes

    Tony Powell


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