Atlantic Grey Seals are the only seals we get on the coast of Pembrokeshire, which makes it nice and simple when out seal spotting!  On-the-ball readers will realise this is quite a sunny picture when I’ve been complaining bout the weather recently…. and that’s because this is a picture taken on Skokholm last season when it was well and truly summertime.

This cow was an inquisitive individual that spent a lot of time near the landing along with up to a dozen others last year.  Over here on Skomer the picture is quite different- up to, and occasionally over, 160 Grey Seals haul out on the beach at North Haven.  But the beach is a lot less easy to access so I haven’t got any close ups this year, I’ll try and post a general shot in the next few weeks to show the sheer numbers.

The other big difference is due to the presence of actual beaches on Skomer, this allows the seals to pup so little white, fluffy seals will appear later in the season.  Skokholm seals can’t pup due to the rocky cliffs everywhere! (occasional pups are reared in isolated sea caves but these are pretty hard to check…)  For more info go read the Skomer blog (this post is from November last year).

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