One of the great things about living out on an island like Skomer is the special moments you get interacting with the wildlife, mostly birds. Now I normally hate it when people say this because they often anthropomorphise the individual and over-interpret what they see.  I think this takes away from the moment and try to take from my experiences a simple memory of something special.  One of my recent favourites is playing hide and seek with a Raven…. OK I wasn’t, it was just being anxious (I think because I was near a yet undiscovered nest…) but it did give me some great views of this bird.  My picture today isn’t one of them but is a slightly more characterful shot.  And yes, even I can’t help giving human characteristics like playfulness and curiosity to some birds (the argument about how truly curious/acting on instinct these birds actually are will rage for years to come!)

This bird spent quite a while circling me at a respectful distance, dropping down behind rocks to reappear moments later further along for a quick peek.  It also flew round and dipped and glided, giving me a good show of its acrobatic skills (Ravens even use updrafts near cliffs to fly upside-down, apparently just for fun).  In the end I decided I should leave it alone as it showed no signs of stopping, an indicator that something very important to it was nearby- which I personally think is its nest.  This would make it at least the third nest on Skomer this year.  The others have three and four chicks each which are rapidly growing, soon to emerge to test their wings and search for food so it won’t be long for me to wait to see if some emerge where this individual was.  I hope to get some more nice pictures then as the chicks are fed by the parents for quite a while after they leave the nest, and linger in the area exploring and being generally inquisitive for the rest of the season.  Mostly to exploit the leftover Shearwater carcasses left by the Greater Black Backed Gulls that gorge themselves on manxie young later in the season!


Still windy out here on Skomer with lots of showers forecast so might be another big gap til my next post… hopefully not :)

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